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As lovers of legendary brands, we help brand owners protect, monetize and celebrate their brand through e-commerce technology and licensing.

The Archivea Process

By Richard Weedn 

Richard Weedn and Jacques Nauer learned though a lifetime of licensing experience that most licensing and marketing agencies in the world do not really care that much about the archive they serve. They follow other goals most generally simply financial gain. Our fathers taught us to do what we love and success will come. We have lived this and it has proven true. My business partner Jacque's father was an airman and my father was a sailor. Now they live what they taught us each day. This authentic affinity for what we do combined with our technology is what really makes clients love us and want to join our roster. 

Our task without exception is to dig deep into archives and deliver to our clients a method of monetization and brand attractiveness to a more youthful audience. Be it Ford Motor Company, Boeing Aircraft or Harley-Davidson Museum the task is the same. "Take old imagery and film and use it to inspire a new generation" was the brief given to us by Edsel Ford II. Bill Davidson of Harley-Davidson gave us this mission "Keep our history alive and help motivate future motorcyclists". In 2015 our served archives include, Ford Motor Company, Harley-Davidson, The Henry Ford Museum of Innovation, Chris Craft Boats, Boeing Aircraft, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Chrysler, Maserati, Porsche AG, Shelby International and Alfa Romeo . 

The Technology

E-commerce Broadcasting. We believe that in todays social media infused world an online living museum must exist to accomplish our mission. This virtual museum must serve to broadcast the clients imagery and film directly to consumers around the world. Our Archivea 1.0 system was launched in 2005. It has served us well and is scheduled to replaced in 2016 with Archivea 2.0. Our initial system is written in LAMP and is based upon open source Linux. We invested $500,000 in its creation. It manages more than 250,000 live images, is friendly to consumers, secure and robust. It can manage up to about 50,000 unique visitors at any one time. We operate more than 50 websites from this single core system. It is key to understand that one needs to be SEO friendly, easy to navigate and show 99% uptime. Our system does just that. 

Digitized imagery, Clean and Scalable. We have learned that each image must be scanned at a minimum size of 12" x 16" @ 300 dpi. These high resolution images form the backbone of our live web servers and production servers. These are stored on highly locked down secure servers protecting data integrity.

Publishing On Demand. Consumers need instant gratification so we must turn around all production within just a few days. This is no easy task and it involves a large commitment to Capital equipment and manpower. We operate a facility in California and Utah to serve North America and a facility in Italy to serve Europe. We utilize UV Flatbed Printers and wide format roll to roll printers that operate 16 hours daily and 24 hours daily in the 4th quarter each year. It is only with this type of commitment that we can turn orders fast enough to serve our demanding clients.

Licensing on demand. We manage the licensing process for our clients across the world. For this we must draw upon legal aspects of intellectual property rights to guide our marketing efforts. It is our speciality to dig deeply in the collections of our clients to unearth those gems of brands and sub brands just waiting to be discovered and share them with the world. For this our experience is the greatest technology. If you care enough to learn all aspects of the brands history you can combine the authenticity of it in a way that resonates. We maintain systems that allow us to clear rights and grant licenses within hours. 


Art, Broadcast Media and Fashion. To keep vintage imagery alive and relevant to youthful markets we use media and fashion to share our imagery and brand owners marks with the world. We market art via retailers worldwide. This gets our imagery viewed by millions each month. We use reality TV to carry our vintage film clips through story telling to hundreds of millions of consumer each year. 



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