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As lovers of legendary brands, we help brand owners protect, monetize and celebrate their brand through e-commerce technology and licensing.

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We are proud to bring our 40 years of licensing and merchandising experience to selected brand owners worldwide. Our business was formed in Switzerland in 2009 when our founders, Jacques Nauer, Philip Nauer and Richard Weedn combined thier past experiance as global IP owners into Archivea GmbH. The Nauer's and Weedn's licensing history goes back to 1959. As brand owners ourselves we understand how to build and protect your most precious assets. Archivea GmbH owns and infuses it's unique "Archivea" process of combining archival film and imagery with modern social commerce based commercialization for all of our international clients.

We have been on both the supply side and sales to consumer side of retail merchandising. In 1991, our co-founder Richard Weedn utilized Scitex technology to print art on demand and has published more than $60 million in art products. We thus can give your archival assets instant awareness and a new source of income while remaining committed to the heritage of your archive. Our propriatary software and know how allow us to broadcast your brands history and intelectual property assets to millions of potential consumers. Please ask for references from existing clients as they love what we do for them.

Archivea in Europe is a brand of Flavia Group AG and its founders are experts at building distribution channels and extending your companies reach globally. From region specific product development to sales team management or obtaining licenses, we have done it all. Should you desire to become a licensee of a multi-national transportation or motorsport related brand you should contact us. We know all the players. Should you wish to add a new region of distribution, we have done it and would love to help. Our locations in North America and Switzerland are perfectly suited to adding many new customers to your roster. Our intelectual property experience and deal making skills can help you build your business.

We believe that brand owners and licensees need to target audiences very carefully. From Beverly Hills or Milan boutiques to mass merchants to e-commerce, we understand how the channels work and what it takes to breakthrough and become an important merchandise supplier. We can help deliver exposure and revenue from new channels.

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